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Rebalancing Power Tool for the Do-It-Yourself Investor

Welcome to FlowAllocator

FlowAllocator is a new portfolio rebalancing tool for do-it-yourself investors.

Whether your strategy is passive or active, or whether you rebalance annually or more frequently, FlowAllocator can provide flexibility in managing those rebalances, and help you save time and discover new opportunities.

Privacy is paramount. Your financial data in FlowAllocator stays local to your computer. Nothing is uploaded to the cloud. No connection to remote providers is involved.

Available for download in the Mac App Store. (U.S. only for now)

Demo of Features for Basic Version

No purchase is required for the basic version. It’s free to use!

Note: this video has not yet been updated to reflect a significant change to the Account schema in version 1.2+. The Account.isActive attribute has been deprecated and is no longer used. Instead, activate an account by assigning it to a strategy. This can be done conveniently in the app, or through the Account.accountStrategyID attribute in a delimited accounts file.

This video shows...

Demo of Features for Premium Version

Premium features available with the in-app purchase of an Investor annual subscription.

This video shows...

Open Source Data Model

Your portfolio data is stored to your local filesystem in an ‘.allocatz’ document file, which is a zip file containing delimited files based on schema in the AllocData Project.

As shown in the demo videos, delimited files conforming to the schema of AllocData can be imported into FlowAllocator through the Import menu or drag-and-drop.

Open Source Import Framework

The FINporter Project provides the import framework upon which FlowAllocator is based.

Export files from the following brokerages/services are currently supported* for import into FlowAllocator:

Fidelity InvestmentsBrokerage
Allocate SmartlyTactical Allocation Provider

Those exports can be imported through FlowAllocator’s Import menu or drag-and-drop. See FINporter’s README for further details on supported export formats.

As more brokerages/services are supported by FINporter, that support will eventually be reflected in FlowAllocator. If there’s a delay, FINporter’s command-line tool can be used as a stop-gap to transform new (or updated) formats to standardized AllocData schema that can be imported.

*Support of any service, including those mentioned above, is neither a recommendation nor endorsement. Do your own research to find suitable vehicles to meet your investment objectives, or seek professional guidance.

Screen Images

Sidebar and Flow Slider: Sidebar

Rebalance Guide: Rebalance

Optimizer (with subscription): Optimizer


Requires macOS Big Sur (11.0) or later, running on Intel or Apple Silicon.