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OpenAlloc is family of libraries and tools, both general-purpose and with an special emphasis on investing.

At present, all of the code is written using the Swift Language, originally a proprietary language from Apple, but now itself open sourced.

All code in OpenAlloc is published with standard open source licenses. Typically Apache 2.0 will be used.

FlowAllocator and FlowWorth incorporate the libraries and tools of OpenAlloc, relying on them for such tasks as transforming your brokerage exports.

AllocData (Data Model)

The AllocData Project contains the data model used in FlowAllocator and FlowWorth.

Your portfolio data is stored to your local filesystem in document file, which is a standard zip file containing delimited files based on schema in AllocData. (For FlowAllocator the document file extension is ‘.allocatz’, and for FlowWorth it is ‘.worthz’.)

As shown in the demo videos, delimited files conforming to the schema of AllocData can be imported into FlowAllocator and FlowWorth through the Import menu or drag-and-drop.

FINporter (Importer Framework)

The FINporter Project provides the import framework for FlowAllocator and FlowWorth.

Export files from the following brokerages/services are currently supported* for import into FlowAllocator and FlowWorth:

Fidelity InvestmentsBrokerage
Schwab Brokerage ServicesBrokerageNew in October 2021
Allocate SmartlyTactical Allocation Provider

Those exports can be imported through the application's Import menu or drag-and-drop. See FINporter’s README for further details on supported export formats.

As more brokerages/services are supported by FINporter, that support will eventually be reflected in FlowAllocator and FlowWorth. If there’s a delay, FINporter’s command-line tool can be used as a stop-gap to transform new (or updated) formats to standardized AllocData schema that can be imported.

*Support of any service, including those mentioned above, is neither a recommendation nor endorsement. Do your own research to find suitable vehicles to meet your investment objectives, or seek professional guidance.

General-purpose Libraries

Of interest to developers, OpenAlloc also features general-purpose libraries extracted from FlowAllocator and FlowWorth: