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IMPORTANT NOTE on 19-Jul-2022 - FlowWorth removed from download in the Mac App Store. Hopefully this is temporary, and access will be restored in the coming weeks.

Welcome to FlowWorth

FlowWorth is a tool to valuate and track the performance of your portfolio.

FlowWorth offers features accessible to those new to investing, as well as sophisticated capabilities for those who are managing multiple investment strategies across multiple accounts.

Your privacy is paramount. Financial data in FlowWorth stays local to your computer. None of it is uploaded to the cloud. No connection to remote providers is involved.

Available for download in the Mac App Store. (U.S. only for now)

FlowWorth Documentation

Demo of "Delta" Features

Most of this video covers features in the Basic version of FlowWorth, which is free to download and use.

Near the end is a discussion of the premium "Forecast" features, available with the in-app purchase of an Investor annual subscription.

Your purchase supports the development and maintenance of FlowWorth.

Premium "Investor" features include:

Demo of "Performance" Features

These features cover the tracking of performance independent of cash flow using the Modified Dietz method.

They are available in the Basic version of FlowWorth, which is free to download and use.

Import Support

Through the FINporter project in OpenAlloc, FlowWorth supports* the direct import of export files from some brokerages (and services). These presently include:

Fidelity InvestmentsBrokerage
Schwab Brokerage ServicesBrokerageNew in October 2021
Allocate SmartlyTactical Allocation Provider

See the FINporter README for more details.

Where direct import of brokerage statements isn't available, you can import data using delimited (CSV, etc.) tables using the formats specified in AllocData. See its README for more details.

*Support of any service, including those mentioned above, is neither a recommendation nor endorsement. Do your own research to find suitable vehicles to meet your investment objectives, or seek professional guidance.

Screen Images

Returns Chart (and sidebar): Optimizer

Returns chart (and Delta inspector): Sidebar

Returns chart (and Modified Dietz inspector): Sidebar

Forecast (with subscription): Optimizer


Requires macOS Big Sur (11.0) or later, running on Intel or Apple Silicon.